This is a listing of Photographic History and Collecting LINKS to consider

There is a fledgling mail list operated mostly for students at the
School of Photographic Arts and Sciences at RIT but also available to anyone else
around the globe who is interested in interacting with others on the history of
photography and photographic collecting. It is the Photohist-L
mail list.

A large, moderated, mail list for those interested in the history of photography and
related matters is the 
Photo History
 mail list on Yahoo! This list also includes members worldwide.

The TPHS and the International Museum of
Photography at the George Eastman House are both in Rochester, NY. Choose GEH
to explore its site or Photo
History sites at GEH
 for a listing of links to several other related sites.

The The Michigan Photographic Historical Society
(MiPHS) was formed in 1972. The Society encourages the collection and preservation of photographic
equipment, images, photo literature, processes and techniques and the study of history of
photographers and equipment, especially as related to Michigan.

The Photographic Historical Society of New
, founded in 1973, is an
active society, promoting knowledge of photographic history
and its heritage through a wide range of educational programs.
Members reside throughout the United States, Canada, and the world.
Members receive The Journal and other
publications of PHSNE.

Here are links to several photo historical collections, groups, societies and individuals:

Click on The New Orleans Kid Camera Project,
was created to address the psychological and emotional impacts of Hurricane Katrina on children
returning home to New Orleans. Through the use of photography, creative writing and mixed media,
children from flooded neighborhoods explore their environment and express themselves, their
stories and feelings with their friends. This project provides a venue for growth and recovery.
By teaching the children tangible skills and exposing them to new means of expression, we hope
to empower them to impact their lives and environment.

Click on Christopher A Wright,
who is making images using the wet plate collodion process, and the
various Calotype techniques from the Talbotype to the dry waxed paper process.

The exciting hobby of collecting 
. A very extensive repository of information from Michael Rogge,
a movie machine collector/historian in the Netherlands.

This is Finnish collector Anssi
 list of super 8 movie cameras for anyone interested in these kind of
cameras – collectors, home movie makers, would-be movie makers, those who just like old stuff.

Choose Mr. Martin’s Web Site,
is the location for a dedicated individual’s camera museum. Museum is divided up into a variety of camera types including
digital ones!

Choose The Exakta Circle, a group that
promotes the collection, use and historical study of Ihagee cameras and associated accessories.
The Circle has members all over the world and publishes a quarterly magazine Exakta Times.

And here’s a resource for researching digital cameras on the Internet
Best of the Web – Digital Cameras

And here’s a site that includes links to several interesting sites related
to collecting cinematography items
select Michel, Dutch
collector of cinematographica

This site includes links to numerous photography sites, manufacturers,
galleries, individuals, university photo programs, and much more.
Select PhotoForum’s
 to get there!

Or choose Dan Colucci’s antique and classic camera site and home of the Internet Directory of Camera Collectors (IDCC) and an e-mail forum for collectors.

The PhotoHistorians Group is yet another activity that should be of interest to
you if you are a historian/collector. It is a worldwide listing of of people
with mutual interests. You can become a part of the listing by filling out a
registration form.

And the Photographic Collectors
Club of Great Britain
 has, in addition to their website, a journal,
Photographica World, edited by John Marriage. Great stuff!

Or choose Bill Riley’s site
devoted to antique photographica and historical articles.

This one we don’t know much about but was sent in to us as a very worthwhile
site. It is

Another site that should be of great interest is the one of the Chicago Photographic Collectors Society

For those interested in the railroad and photography there is a very nice
website at Central Pacific
Railroad Photographic History Museum

For Collectors of cameras and history of Ihagee, the German factory that
produced the Exakta, there are at least two sites with extensive information.
One is Exacta by Maurizio
Frizziero, and another one is Ihagee by Hugo Ruys.

The Argus Collectors Grouphas practical
and historical information about Argus
cameras and accessories. There are online survey forms to enter data about various models
of Argus cameras that is used to research the evolution of these cameras.

Camera Trade Shows

Reijo Lauro, a collector from Harjavalta,
maintains a very nice website he calls “Vintage Camera Museum” and is dedicated to various
camera types and camera brands.

Rob Niederman, a collector of pre-1900 wood cameras.
maintains a website dedicated to early cameras (includes images and
historical information).

Dan Colucci founded an Internet discussion forum dedicated to pre-1900 called “Wood and Brass”.
All people interested in partaking in discussions about pre-1900 cameras are invited to join. This may no longer be
active but archives are available. “Wood and Brass” can be found at:


Wood and Brass – is a forum on Yahoo managed by Marcel Safier for collectors of 19th and early 20th century cameras,
brass lenses, camera shutters and other photographica and discussion about the collecting, history and manufacturers thereof.

Find it at:

Alain Scheibli, Scheibli Editions France, presents AUTOCHROMES coming from private
collections of the LUMIERE family, extracted from the famous book ” LES

Collectors.Org produces a newsletter in support of the leadership of all collecting
clubs, associations and societies in the antiques & collectibles industry
in partnership with the National Association of Collectors.

The Antiques and Collectibles Associations offer a variety of educational
opportunities year round for dealers, show promoters, mall managers and
for collectors.

Film for Classics, owned by TPHS member Dick Haviland, is a companmy
specializing in providing film for antique and classic cameras taking obsolete
sizes. They now also provide processing services. Find them on the web here:

You are invited to join the Photo Collector Web Ring.
This is an eclectic collection of all types of web sites of interest to collectors,
including dealers and galleries, exhibitions, professional societies and
organizations, photo history sites, educational sites, and providers of
products and services to photo collectors.
The only requirements for joining the ring are that your site be of
interest to photo collectors and that you agree to place the ring’s
navigation bar on your home page. To join the ring, follow the link
below and click on the Join This Ring button.

There is also a site devoted to collecting Mamiya 35mm cameras. It is maintained
by Ron Herron.

For those of you into alternative processes check out located at

Alfred’s Camera Page – a great website created by a 17-year-old in the
Netherlands. Lots of info on Russian cameras

Fred Spira’s fabulous photo collector’s website –

Rodger Carter’s Digital Camera History, a site devoted to the
history and development of digital photography.

Mark Katzman’s Photogravure, this is an in-depth survey of photogravure’s
place in the history of photography.

Michael Butkus’s Orphan Camera Manuals, an 11 year collection of camera manuals of your not so
famous brands such as Ricoh, Chinon,
Sears, Praktica, Rolleiflex, Konica and others; manuals for many old Kodak
brands from 1800s to ’60’s; some 200 manuals for long gone cameras such as
Ensign, Lordox and Bo-Peep and others; and some 200 manuals for flashes and
light meters including Weston, Sekonic and Vivitar brands.  Also available
are camera sales catalogs from the 1800s to the mid 1970’s and other old photo
advertisement booklets.  Most of the manuals are in PDF format, all very
high quality.

The following are not necessarily related to the History of Photography but
may prove to be of interest and they have extended support for the TPHS website:

Visit @Rochester

Digital Photography HQ –
a site that provides information about contemporary digital cameras and digital photography.

Contact The Photographic Historical Society
communicate directly with the Society officers.