January 2014

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The Photographic Historical

January 10, 2014

Meeting Announcement and

by Sharon Bloemendaal

January 2014 Meeting

Meet Thursday, January 16 at
Barnes and Noble Booksellers, Pittsford Plaza, 3349 Monroe Ave., at 7:30 p.m.

Photographic Analysis for the Kennedy Assassination Report


will speak on a connection to the Kennedy
assassination report. Part of the talk, he notes, is “a video of a
lecture/presentation by [fellow] RIT Professor Leslie Stroebel on work that he and I did for the House Select Committee on assassinations. Specifically the part that considered the veracity of the Lee Harvey Oswald photographs with him
holding a rifle.

“Both Dr. Stroebel and Dr. Francis (who was the
person who headed the work but who actually did none of it) have passed on so I
am the only remaining member of the team that did that work.

“I would be happy to discuss what we did after
showing of the video of the lecture that Dr. Stroebel presented to some of RIT
students and which I luckily videota


February 20, 2014

Mike Champlin and Brian Steblen will speak about and show their documentary of the North Organ, recently installed in George Eastman House.  This organ can be played independently–or the South Organ can utilize its pipes as well. They showed their film at the grand opening of the installation and recorded additional film to finish the documentary.

March 20, 2014

Tom Hope, photographer extraordinaire, will tell us more about his life in photography.

April 17, 2014

James Reilly , head of the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology, will be our speaker.


Keep the date – October 10-12, 2014 forPhotoHistory XVI:
our 16th international symposium here Rochester, NY.  For details see www.tphs.org.

A Call for Papers has been sent out.

The General Chairman, Jack Bloemendaal, notes that the committee consists of:

Program Chairman: Rolf Fricke

Registration/Finance: Marian Early

Swap Meet/Trade Show: Tim Fuss

Public Relations: Sharon Bloemendaal

AVCoordinator: Eugene Kowaluk

Web Interface: Joy Champlin / Andy Davidhazy

Door Prizes: Jeff Schwartz

Jeff is asking other photohistory groups to donate a membership as a door prize. The prizes are a real incentive to get people to return to their seats in a timely manner after a break.


photo by N.M. Graver


Thank you to Alice Carver-Kubik, who spoke in November on historic photographic processes. A photographic research scientist at the Image Permanence Institute, RIT, she specializes in photographic materials, identification and preservation.

She walked us through the use of the website: www.graphicsatlas.org.

She recommended signing up for the Interesting Picture of the Week email at the site.

She also recommended the online resource www.dp3project.org, with information about technologies, print identification, deterioration and preservation.

She explained, “ A good collotype can be identified only with magnification.” Other photos needed specular light or raking light.

The “Free Table” at the entrance caught her eye, and she was pleased to acquire some 1950s color prints with unusual deterioration.


Nick Graver brought two images: A French daguerreotype and an American one made in Canandaigua, NY. The daguerreotypist, Marshall Finley, built his own camera.

Ken Johnson brought some photos of his ancestors that represented a range of processes.

Marian Early brought an orotype.

Eugene Kowaluk participated in the show-n-tell by displaying how an old technology, printing out paper, is still being used in thermonuclear fusion experiments through imaging 500,000-watt laser beams.

Visitors at the meeting included Gaylon and Bonnie Arnold and Sally Horvath.


The officers for 2014 are

President: Jack Bloemendaal

Vice President: Mike Champlin

Secretary/Treasurer: Marian Early

Program Chairman: Sharon Bloemendaal

Hospitality: Ken Johnson

We thank two retiring officers for 2013: past president Martin Scott and vice president Nick Graver.


Joe Bailey, a long-time member, died December 22. He is the author of Glass, Brass & Chrome. He worked for Eastman Kodak. He was also editor of the TPHS newsletter for many years, keeping us informed on the photographic field and companies as they were sold or transformed. He is survived by his wife, Caroline. 

David Young, who recently rejoined TPHS, died in December also. He shared many stories of his experiences at Eastman Kodak. He is survived by his wife Kathryn and children.

The father of Todd Gustavson died in December. Todd is the Technology Curator at George Eastman House.

Our condolences to those who mourn.

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20.00 individual membership

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