October 2013

TPHS Meeting News Oct 2013 PDF

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Nov. 21: James Reilly , head of the Image Permanence Institute at Rochester Institute of Technology, will be our speaker. Incidentally, he recommends graphicsatlas.org as a new resource for identifying photographic and mechanical processes.

January 16, 2014: Andy Davidhazy will speak on a connection to the Kennedy assassination report. Part of the talk, he notes, is “a video of a lecture/presentation by [fellow] RIT Professor Leslie Stroebel on work that he and I did for the House Select Committee on assassinations. Specifically the part that considered the veracity of the Harvey Lee Oswald photographs with him holding a rifle”.

“Both Dr. Stroebel and Dr. Francis (who was the person who headed the work but who actually did none of it) have passed on so I am the only remaining member of the team that did that work.”

“I would be happy to discuss what we did after showing of the video of the lecture that Dr. Stroebel presented to some of RIT students and which I luckily videotaped.”

February 20: Mike Champlin and Brian Steblen will speak about and show their documentary of the North Organ, recently installed in George Eastman House. This organ can be played independently–or the South Organ can utilize its pipes as well. They showed their film at the grand opening of the installation and recorded additional film to finish the documentary.


Oct_pg 1-3_img_1Photos by Brian Steblen

At our September meeting Mike Champlin spoke about Kodacolor, the 1928 additive 16 mm film process. Because of the lenticles, the film could not be copied. He projected some original film using the unique 3-color filter. Since there were no dyes, no fading had ensued.

Oct_pg 1-3_img_2

He also showed film of a party at George Eastman’s home, with Thomas Edison among Eastman’s guests.

The Kodacolor film was available from dealers from 1929-1932. It was difficult for some customers to

use, as the color filter was vital to the process, and the exposure diaphragm needed to be used with each new roll of film.

We appreciate the exhibit of original Kodacolor material and the help of Brian Steblen, Mike’s business partner at DeBergerac Productions.

Oct_pg 1-3_img_3More about the meeting…


Dean Vander Mallie spoke briefly about collectors’ insurance at our September meeting.


We thank Ken Johnson for providing refreshments at the meetings.

Oct_pg 1-3_img_4TPHS news

We welcome new members:
Eugene R. Renner, Jr. and Thomas O. Matthews


Sheldon Brayer died on September 30. He was the husband of Betsy Brayer, who wrote the definitive biography on George Eastman in 1996. We offer our sympathy to her and their family.

Mike Kessler (1941-2013), a collector from California, and a speaker on stanhopes at one of our symposia, died recently. This was reported in The Daguerreian Society Quarterly.

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