September 2013

TPHS MeetingNews Sept 2013 PDF

TPHSMeetingNewsSept2013_img_0 The Photographic Historical Society
IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Restored Film to be Shown On Monday, Sept. 9, TPHS members are invited to the screening of “The Closet Murders: Resurrected,” a 27-minute movie shot on Super 8 film in Montreal in 1969. It was restored and edited by the team at Preserving The Past, and TPHS member Taylor Whitney. The Falcon Films Production by Susan Patrick will be be among several screened as part of the Rochester Movie Maker’s Shmoovies Film Festival from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Cinema Theatre at 957 S. Clinton. The cost is $10. Next meeting: Thursday, September 19, 2013
at: Barnes & Noble time: 7:30 p.m. 3344 Monroe Ave. Pittsford PlazaGuest Speaker: Mike Champlin
TOPIC: Kodak 16mm Kodacolor circa 1928
Mike Champlin will speak on Kodacolor, Eastman Kodacolor Safety Filmthe 1928 additive 16mm film process-not the color film of the 1950s. He will discuss its history and show a short video called “The Kodacolor Party” which he produced
We are also invited to a 5 p.m. red carpet pre-screening party at Rooney’s Restaurant at 90 Henrietta St. (off Goodman just east of Clinton). The appetizers are hosted; there will be a cash bar. Please rsvp to For information see ews/1377538439.html and hmoovies. rgbfor the 75th anniversary of the process. It is a newsreel about how Eastman debuted the process. Mike will also project some Kodacolor film so people can see what it actually looked like. He will conclude by discussing the challenges of bringing the process into the 21st century and show some work done at DeBergerac to transfer Kodacolor to HD. Mike is producer for DeBergerac Productions, based in Fairport, NY.



October 17: Tom Hope editor of the Hope Report (1970-2002), WW II Signal Corps motion picture cameraman and Kodak consultant, will speak. His tentative topic is ‚”A life in Photography from the 1937 Boy Scout Jamboree to the Lone Ranger to Audio-Visual History.”

Nov. 21

To be announced

January 16, 2014: Andy Davidhazy will speak on a connection to the Kennedy assassination report. Part of the talk, he notes, is ‚”a video of a lecture/presentation by [fellow] RIT Professor Leslie Stroebel on work that he and I did for the House Select Committee on assassinations. Specifically the part that considered the veracity of the Harvey Lee Oswald photographs with him holding a rifle. Both Dr. Stroebel and Dr. Francis (who was the person who headed the work but who actually did none of it) have passed on so I am the only remaining member of the team that did that work. I would be happy to discuss what we did after showing of the video of the lecture that Dr. Stroebel presented to some of RIT students and which I luckily videotaped.”TPHSMeetingNewsSept2013_img_3


Charter Member Moves Temporarily

Frank Mehlenbacher suffered a slight stroke Aug. 28. He is
recuperating at Cherry Ridge, 900 Cherry Ridge Blvd., Webster NY
14580, 697-6700. Frank’s phone is 785-2703.

Joy Parker Benefit
Mike Champlin notes that the fundraising sale in July went very well; they were able to make their goal. We noted that many friends and staff of WXXI and GEH were helping at the sale.

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