June 2013

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At the same time, he supported the Kodak Lunar Orbiter project, conducted by NASA, which was sending a smaller system to map the entire lunar surface

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He continued to work on GAMBIT, and then eventually worked in the Apparatus Division Research Laboratory as supervisor of Applied Optics Research. The commercial endeavors he worked on included the Disc Camera Program, and several copier projects.

Later, Clayton became Director of Engineering for the Remote Sensing Systems Division, then Chief Technology Officer, and a member of the Kodak Technology Council. Before retiring in 2007, he led a team that developed an airborne system capable of detecting and mapping leaks, down to very small sizes, from natural gas transmission pipelines.

Born in Lyons, Kansas, he grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He acquired an early interest in aviation, since Tulsa has always had a thriving aviation industry. After receiving a degree in engineering from the University of Notre Dame in 1962, he entered the US Army as a Second Lieutenant, and became a Special Weapons Officer, working on a variety of ordnance and missile systems.

Since retiring, he has been involved with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), Chapter 44 here in Rochester. A member of the Board of Directors, he is responsible for the construction and finishing of the 3500 square foot “Sport Aviation Center of Western New York”, at the Ledgedale airport. He is building an airplane for himself and is involved with the EAA Young Eagles program, which

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October 17, 2013

Tom Hope will speak. The tentative topic is “A Life in Photography from the 1937 Boy Scout Jamboree to the Lone Ranger to Audio-Visual History.”

He put out the Hope Report on marketing research on the audio-visual industry from 1970 to 2002. He also was a motion picture cameraman in the Signal Corps in WWII, executive producer of the first Lone Ranger TV program, a consultant for the state department on the Marshall plan in France, an author, and a consultant for Kodak for 16 years.

Save the dates for our other Fall meetings: Sept. 19 and Nov. 21. We are already contacting great speakers for these meetings. Thank you to Rolf Fricke, Martin Scott, and others who give us leads.

Review of May Meeting

Kodak’s Chief Blogger Speaks Jennifer Cisney

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Jennifer Cisney has worked for Kodak for 15 years, and is now in charge of Social Media.

She spoke on May 16, after rappelling down a 21story building earlier that day.

We thank her for an informative talk. She reported that of those on the Internet, 67% are on Facebook. More women than men are the CMO (chief memory officer) for the family, coping with the photographs.

What does a social media person do? She provides value to customers, listens to them, and provides customer feedback to the company.

An example was the Zi6 and Zi8 Pocket Video Cameras. She heard the chatter as they commented on the features they liked and disliked, suggesting to the company changes for the next generation of camera. In fact, they held a contest to name the successor to the Zi8 , a rugged waterproof sporty camera which resulted in two winners flying to Las Vegas to launch the camera, each naming a part of the new PlaySport.

In 2012, she noted, 380 billion photos were taken. In fact, every two minutes we take more photos than in all of the 1800s.

Facebook has 220 billion photos. Halloween is one of the biggest upload days, she reported.

Flickr stores 6 billion photos

She was asked to define social media terms.

  • Blog—an online journal with daily content
  • Twitter—a 140-character message
  • Meme—a topic that goes viral
  • Hash tag—to affiliate with a certain key word or phrase, use a pound sign to draw attention, such as “#Believeinfilm”
  • Photo bombing—a goofy face in the background
  • Planking—posing in weird places.
  • Pinterest—a bookmarking tool on the internet for inspiration with a bulletin board-like/scrap book design.

By June of 2011, 43% of people were using their cell phone as their primary camera. Instagram users were 4 billion. “The best camera is the one you have with you!” she noted.

What’s in it for Kodak? Jennifer asked. “We print those pictures!”

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