March 2013


by Sharon Bloemendaal

The pdf is also available here.

Next meeting: Thursday, March 21, 2013

at:     Barnes & Noble               time:     7:30 p.m.

3344 Monroe Ave. –  Pittsford Plaza – find on Facebook

Guest Speaker:

Jim McGarvey will speak on “The DSLR: Born and Raised in Rochester.”

Jim joined Eastman Kodak Company as an electronics and software engineer in 1980. He designed the first DSLR digital cameras while in Kodak’s Federal Systems Division, beginning in 1987, and then led the development of the Kodak professional DCS digital cameras from 1990 through 2004. He holds eleven US patents on digital camera technology. McGarvey is now with D3 Engineering, LLC. He received his BS in computer science from Taylor University in 1980.

If you cannot attend the meeting check out

Future meetings:

April 18 meeting:

Stephen L. Schultz, chief technology officer of Pictometry International Corp. will speak.

In 1994, Steve Schultz, a 10-year veteran of imaging science at the time, began work on developing an idea generated by a coworker at RIT: can you develop a means to geo-reference oblique aerial images that would allow a user to measure 3D information within a single 2D image? Thus, Pictometry was born. From a proof of concept involving Lego(r) building blocks to the largest fleet of commercial aerial capture systems; Pictometry has grown tremendously over the past 20 years. See a recap of the innovations that have made that possible and the process behind them.

He will share some of the first imagery captured, and some of the more “historic” images, such as events that unfolded as their planes were overhead.

Check out

May 16 meeting:

Jennifer Cisney, Kodak Social Media Manager and Chief Blogger, will discuss her work at Kodak.

Jennifer Cisney has been with Eastman Kodak for 15 years, resulting in a broad knowledge of the various Kodak businesses and in-depth experience with internet marketing. She developed and launched Kodak’s social media initiatives on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the corporate blog. She now manages the Kodak social media program and outlines the social media strategy worldwide for the company. Jennifer has been a speaker at such social media conferences as BlogWorld, BlogHer, Evo Conference, Marketing to Women, 140 Characters Conference and The Inbound Marketing Summit. Jennifer was also recognized as one of Advertising Age’s 2009 Women to Watch.

In her spare time she collects vintage Kodak still and motion picture cameras along with Kodak memorabilia. She also enjoys digital as well as film photography. Jennifer sits on the board of the Genesee Center for the Arts and Education, which houses the Community Darkroom. She will share how Kodak has used social media to connect with customers and the recent increase in interest in film photography and vintage cameras.

June 20 meeting:

Mike Clayton speaks on “The Rochester Connection to the National Reconnaissance Program.”

He can address recently declassified information from the 1956-1985 program. Projects just declassified in 2011 include SAMOS, CORONA and GAMBIT. Clayton began working for Kodak in 1965 and retired in 2007 from ITT. He is presently writing a book on the program and the people involved. He believes that the engineering miracle prevented WWIII.

Review of February Meeting


Dr. Bruce Barnes, the new director of George Eastman House, attracted a crowd of about 30 to our February meeting. He illustrated his lecture showing the many facets of GEH, which opened in 1949. The institution includes a library, more than 400,000 photographs by 14,000+ photographers, and many cameras and films, as well as publications in the field. The many traveling exhibitions include the Colorama.

GEH offers training for conservation and preservation. In addition to the Ryerson work/study program connection in Toronto, GEH is pursuing affiliation with the University of Rochester.

Barnes noted space constraints, as they no longer have room for every new book on photography.

He discussed Oracle, an international conclave of photographic museum curators.

He recommended that our members help fight the proposed apartments on University Avenue, just 20 feet from the GEH property line. See or

Barnes noted his interest in contemporary photography, which will be historic in coming years. In a question-and-answer session he stressed an interest in the technological aspects of camera equipment as well. He also discussed the Focus 45 lunch series.

We thank Dr. Barnes for presenting an interesting and enlightening talk.

February show and tell:


The show-and-tell included photographic items made in Rochester. Jeff Schwartz brought two Graflex cameras, Andy Davidhazy a wide-angle photo of the 1973 symposium dinner, where Edwin Land and his competitor were standing next to each other. Nick Graver brought medallions struck for the meeting of a medical photographers’ association in Rochester. Marian Early offered a photographic thermometer made by Rochester Thermometer.  Jack Bloemendaal displayed a Combat Graphic, a 70-mm camera designed by Hubert Nerwin.

Special Offer

CameraShopper is offering all members free online access to CameraShopper for 30 days. It’s so easy… Go to

Click on green menu item
Enter user name member
Enter password camera

The articles are great. The color is amazing. Thanks to Barbara Tepper !

Plan for Oct. 10-12, 2014  for PhotoHistory XVI — a fantastic symposium!

We have a great committee. You may like to volunteer to help any of them:

General Chairman:
Jack Bloemendaal (with Mike Champlin as an understudy for the next symposium in 2017)

Rolf Fricke

Finance & Registration:
Marian Early

Swap Meet: 
Tim Fuss

AV Coordinator:
Eugene Kowaluk

Public Relations:
Sharon Bloemendaal, helped by Mike Sullivan

Web Interface:
Joy Champlin and Andy Davidhazy

To volunteer contact:
Jack Bloemendaal


TPHS news

We welcomed new member Ferenc Gy. Róka and many visitors to our February meeting, including Gary Albright, Fred Shippey, Daryl Corbett (whose father worked for Graflex) and Eugene Kowaluk’s daughter, Liz. Also Joy Parker and Brian Steblen.

To see Joy Parker’s photos of the meeting check out click on

Thank you to Grace Holloway for contributing albums of her photos from PhotoHistories V, VI, VII and VIII. These were on display as well. We appreciate her work and we thank

Mike Champlin for storing them in our library at DeBergerac Productions.

Other new members include:

Sean Flaherty – Webster, NY
Susan Parish – Washington (state)
Fred Friedman – New Jersey


Learn more about Daguerreotypes and GEH social media at a Focus 45 lunch series. The meetings on the second Thursday are from 12:15-1 in the Curtis Theatre.

On April 11 Lisa Kribs-La Pierre, manager of Online Engagement for GEH will speak on digital initiatives and social media.

For information see The 45- minute talks are $6, or free to museum members.

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