February 2013


by Sharon Bloemendaal

The pdf is also available here.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 21, 2013

at:     Barnes & Noble               time:     7:30 p.m.

3344 Monroe Ave. –  Pittsford Plaza – find on Facebook

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Bruce Barnes, new Director of George Eastman House, will speak. His topic is “George Eastman House: Going Forward.”

Bruce Barnes is Ron and Donna Fielding Director of George Eastman House.  He was the founder of American Decorative Art 1900 Foundation, a private foundation that works independently and in collaboration with museums across the United States to foster understanding and appreciation of American decorative art from the period around 1900.  From 2000 to 2004, Barnes was chief executive officer of Element K, a Rochester-based company and pioneer in online learning.

Over the course of his career, Barnes has held senior executive positions at Ziff Communications Company, Ziff Brothers Investments, Wasserstein Perella & Co., Reservoir Capital Group, and QFS Asset Management.  He received a B.A., magna cum laude, and a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

For more information on Dr. Barnes, check http://www.eastmanhouse.org/ or see the new facebook page for TPHS.

Also, for this meeting, bring items for “Show & Tell” that feature “Photographic Products made in Rochester”.

And bring freebies for the “Free Table” (see below).

Future meetings:

March 21 meeting:

Jim McGarvey will speak on “The DSLR: Born and Raised in Rochester.”

Jim joined Eastman Kodak Company as an electronics and software engineer in 1980.  He designed the first DSLR digital cameras while in Kodak’s Federal Systems Division, beginning in 1987, and then led the development of the Kodak professional DCS digital cameras from 1990 through 2004.

He holds eleven US patents on digital camera technology. McGarvey is now with D3 Engineering, LLC.  He received his BS in computer science from Taylor University in 1980.

April 18 meeting:

Stephen L. Schultz, chief technology officer of Pictometry

International Corp. will speak.

Check out http://www.Pictometry.com/

May 16 meeting:

Jennifer Cisney, Kodak Social Media Manager and Chief Blogger, will discuss her work at Kodak.

Cisney has a degree in PR and a master’s in computer graphic design and has worked for Kodak since 1998. She is also a collector of Kodak cameras!

Google her name to find out more.

What you missed at the previous meeting:

Jack Bloemendaal recounts 47 years history:

Jack, co-founder of The Photographic Historical Society, the oldest such group in the world, spoke in January, sharing highlights of the first 47 years.  He noted that his wife Sharon suggested that he start a group after he had participated in activities of the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors.  He set up the first meeting on January 14, 1966, by calling all the collectors that Vic Moyes of Kodak’s Patent Department Museum knew about and those he heard of at antique shops.

The charter members (who joined by July of 1966) are: Jack Bloemendaal, Gordon Brown, Larry Forward, Bob Fox, Rolf Fricke, Bill Fujimura, Bruce Kelly, Rudolf Kingslake, Eaton Lothrop, Frank Mehlenbacher, Victor Moyes, Beaumont Newhall, A.C. Robertson, Hubert Sapp, Martin Scott, and Willis Stockdale (also co-founder).

Jack asked those attending what THEY had spoken on at meetings: Martin Scott: Rudolf Kingslake, Snowflake Bentley; Mike Champlin: Kodachrome, film restoration, film to digital; Jeff Schwartz (with Mike Champlin): Colorama, Nick Graver: photographic numismatics, meters, museums & collectors homes; Dick Haviland: history of flexible photographic film.

Other items of interest:


Thanks to Nick Graver and Frank Calandra for removing The Photographic Historical Society library from Temple Brith Kodesh.  Our long-time member Mike Bernhardt had arranged for storing two file cabinets there (probably around 1986).  As Mike passed away recently, we removed it (right now to the Bloemendaal’s living room!!).  We thank the members of the temple who provided storage.

In going through the files, we discovered several duplicate copies of chronologies, including those from Vic Moyes, former EK patent department museum head.  We will be offering these free at future meetings (first come, first-served) to members only.  Be sure to pay your $20 annual dues!  Also check to see which chronologies you already own.

Sharon Bloemendaal is attempting to reconstruct the meeting notices in a history file.  Our organization has most of the notices from 1966 to 1986.  However, we are not sure all are included. She has made copies from her own records. (She feels that there should be two sets in separate locations).  She does have many of the notices since then, but not all.  Did anyone keep excellent records?

Thank you to Mike Champlin of DeBergerac Productions, who has agreed to store our library and scan some of the slides stored there.

Member news

A special THANK YOU to Frank Calandra, who has retired as TPHS treasurer and PhotoHistory treasurer after doing all TPHS financial work for about 20 years!!!!

TPHS ON FACEBOOK! Thank you to Joy Parker for designing a facebook page for TPHS. Check it out at www.tphs.org and click on facebook. See the interesting links as well.

Long time member Ken Bertrand is recovering from his late-December heart attack.

At our January meeting we welcomed two visitors: Bill Springer from RIT, and Oscar Fricke from California who came with his father, Rolf Fricke.

Member Question

Jack Bloemendaal is trying to reconstruct the list of committees for PhotoHistory VI, VII and XII. Does anyone have a list?

NEW GEH EXHIBIT DISPLAYS GIANT PHOTOS…a review by Sharon Bloemendaal 

AG/H2O or “Silver and Water,” a new exhibit at George Eastman House, focuses on the vital part silver and water played in photography.  Four photographers turned a train-car-sized shipping container into a pinhole camera in 2011, adding a lens and a truck to make contact prints about 12 feet wide.

The opening on Feb. 8 featured three of the four photographers with Lauren Bon and Optics Division/Metabolic Studio; they spoke of their 2-month photographic odyssey from California to New York.

The 19 huge photographs include pictures taken of New York City on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 and one of a PPG silo, their latest “pinhole” camera.

In Rochester they were unable to get permission from Eastman Kodak to photograph several of its buildings. They solved this by parking the truck at an advantageous spot and exposing the picture for three or four minutes while they talked to a guard who told them to leave.  That photo is in a “tray” of water presently– disintegrating, as that is part of the art form.

All TPHS members should join GEH.  We enjoyed the exhibit, the flowers in “Dutch Connection” and the light refreshments at the opening.

Other TPHS highlights include: Tim Holden, History of Graflex; Chuck Spoelhof, story of Photographic Reconnaissance; Steve Sasson, The First Digital Camera; as well as tours of Turner Bellows Works, The Image Permanence Institute, The Kodak Patent Department Museum and George Eastman House and its library.

Jack displayed the cameras that several former speakers had worked on: Joe Boon, Kodak Matchbox camera; Joe Mihalyi, Super Six-20 and Ektra; and Hubert Nerwin, Combat Graphic.

Martin Scott related an anecdote told him by Dr. Kingslake (the first head of the optical department at University of Rochester). Kingslake was walking in the woods with Joe Mihalyi (inventor of the Ektra).  Kingslake later told Martin, “It was good to have him along because the camera hung up.”

Martin Scott commented that most photographic historical societies are hobby groups and talk about collecting only. Rochester is at the forefront of historic innovation in photographic technology.  Our list of speakers includes the movers and shakers in the industry.

Our speakers have included almost all the directors of George Eastman House: Beaumont Newhall, Van Deren Coke, Jim Enyeart, Bob Doherty, Bob Mayer, Tony Bannon, and now Bruce Barnes.

Plan for Oct. 10-12, 2014 for PhotoHistory XVI

—a fantastic symposium!

We have a great committee. You may like to volunteer to help any of them:

General Chairman:

Jack Bloemendaal (with Mike Champlin as an understudy for the next symposium in 2017)


Rolf Fricke

Finance & Registration:

Marian Early

Swap Meet:

Tim Fuss

AV Coordinator:

Eugene Kowaluk

Public Relations:

Sharon Bloemendaal, helped by Mike Sullivan

Web Interface:

Joy Parker and Andy Davidhazy

To volunteer contact: Jack Bloemendaal



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